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Urbieta Construction, Inc.


Urbieta Construction, Inc. was founded in 1988.

Upon reaching Ohio, Juan’s search for employment proved difficult due to his inability to speak, read or write English.  However, things quickly began to improve when he and his wife and partner, Carmen,  decided to start their own business.   This created an opportunity for Juan to become an American citizen and a contributing member of the community.  This sparked the beginning of Urbieta Construction.

  • Customer Service . . . Urbieta is customer driven, and to this day our customers remain the backbone of our success.  Our referral base is filled with families, medical professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs and retirees.  These customers, who have become more like an extended family, remain our best marketing tool.  We treat every customer with honesty, integrity and respect.   It is imperative that our customers be more than just satisfied with our work, so we always do more than is expected.
  • Employer Commitment . . .As an employer, Urbieta is committed to fairness and equality. We look for hardworking individuals who are personable, reliable and responsible.  For safety and assurance of our customers, all of our employees are submitted to a background check prior to employment.
  • Community Involvement . . . Urbieta has participated in a number of citywide community projects like Christmas in April, the Rehabarama, and various neighborhood volunteer efforts that help repair and rehab homes in neglected neighborhoods.  Carmen Urbieta (who passed away in July of 2009) served as director of the Miami Valley NARI chapter for four years, as well as secretary for the Greater Dayton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and President of the East Dayton Business Association.
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